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The Single Dating Diva, an award winning blogger, dating coach, and author from Ottawa, Canada, joins our show today.She offers a fascinating and unique insight into the mind of a savvy dating woman.Check out the couple's best Instagram photos together for an inside look at their relationship.The happiest place on earth just got that much better!! You have planned out your food, your hotel, your transportation, your park tickets are purchased, and you have a bigger smile on your face than you can remember having in a long time! The wonderfully talented Courtney with Paperelli Designs did the most outstanding job EVER on this pack for us!No SPAM Posts that violate these guidelines will be removed.Saint-Saëns : Symphonie n°3 "avec orgue", enregistrée le à 20h30 à Saint-Sulpice.Her experience and professional opinion in the dating world is eclipsed only by her conversational charm and intellect.

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