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Purvis said Fiesta Texas has been busy unveiling new additions to its more than 60 rides, games and attractions.

Those new thrills include the three-story Thunder Rapids rocket blast water coaster and the new “Drop of Doom VR” experience, where for a limited time riders of the Scream drop tower ride can wear a Samsung Gear VR headset to face giant mutant spiders.

Purvis said Fiesta Texas has not made any announcement for something new in its place, though she did say the ride’s retirement is not a safety issue.

Nestled along the giant limestone quarry walls that overlook the Rockville area of the park, the Power Surge transports about a dozen riders at a time along a channel against an old-timey power plant backdrop.

I see sometimes some unfair comment almost insulting the host for not having broadcast sounds as well...

Your praise of The Olive Tree - Brugge is the type of comments that everybody needs to hear. After I saw how many beautiful places in our world to see here on skyline did not even have a comment, none , nothing.

You see your life going one way, and then it’s the direct opposite way.Yes , %arc I noticed your additions to this channels library, which is why I was so bold as to ask you for more, Thank You in advance. superbe decoration', Alors délicieusement [email protected] Sam , I'll definitely do it, I have already book as every year a table at Olives tree, it is delicious but small Greek restaurant so in that busy period of the year it is well recommand to book at least 2 weeks in advance for the evening service, so on 22 evening we'll be eating there and I'll take picture of the restaurant and the cam, actually situated on the first floor on the end of the building, almost already to the next one..we have a better view12dec17-- Thanks to the all uploaders into 'photos'.The snow images make this beautiful place even more wonderful.______ %arc on your upcoming visit, how about an image of where this 'live cam' is positioned?Some 'out of order' channels I have thanked the host just because I was viewing there.It takes a good deal of time to translate and post a thank you to the host.