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If you want to learn more I encourage anyone interested to check this thread on XDA before getting started.

When you’re ready, you can install Flash Fire from the Play Store.

So: while Flash Fire isn’t guaranteed to work on every device, if you’ve gone the “official” route to root your phone, it will probably work.

And if you have a custom recovery, the OTA update may not be able to install itself at all.

Once upon a time, Super SU had an “Survival Mode” that would let you flash updates, but that’s no longer around. Flash Fire is powerful tool from Chainfire, the maker of Super SU, that allows rooted users to perform a variety of actions, like flashing OTA updates and full zip files, create and restore backups, wipe data, and much more.

It effectively eliminates the need to use recovery to manually backup or restore, and automatically handles un-rooting and re-rooting when flashing update files.

Theoretically, it should work on many, if not most, Android 4.2 handsets. On many devices, having root will prevent OTAs from downloading and flashing.