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SYDNEY — Canadian stunt woman Jolene Van Vugt was flushed with pride Wednesday after setting a new land speed record for the fastest motorized toilet.

Van Vugt, a former Canadian motocross champion, steered the contraption through some early wobbles to 75 kilometres per hour in Sydney, seven kilometres more than the previous Guinness world record.

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“I flew into Australia yesterday and came out here to jump straight on the toilet,” said the 31-year-old.

The record-winning contraption resembles a go-kart, but has a porcelain toilet in place of a driver’s seat.

Jolene Van Vugt may get ribbed quite a bit from her "brothers" on MTV's "Nitro Circus," but on the eve of the series' Season 2 premiere (Thusday, Aug.

EST), the Ontario native was feeling nothing but love.