Jackson rathbone and nikki reed dating

Kristen and Robert Pattinson has been inseperable lately with multiple date nights while they gear up for filming the next installment of the series.

Robert didn't join his lady or his cast at the exciting award show where he won Best Fantasy Actor since he's already in New Orleans getting ready for Breaking Dawn.

Reed has described her home life as "complicated." She attended Palms Middle School.

Her parents divorced when she was two, and she grew up with her mother.

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Last night, Nikki and friend showed up at Rob’s, and Jackson Rathbone too, but no sign of Kristen, for a little jam session before bedtime. And I’d be so much more popular if I told you that Rob and Kristen could happen. But they only shot their first scene together last week, have only worked together 3 or 4 days on set, have spent very little time alone in Vancouver… You must be rotting inside and I feel very sorry for you.She popped back to California for the evening from Louisiana where she and the rest of the cast are getting ready to take on the final Twilight installment.She won Best Fantasy Actress for her role in Eclipse and thanked her fans with a short speech.