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Throughout the week, let the matter of sleep be duly arranged. While we concede to him the universal shrinking from death, we must, on the other hand, expect from his consummate typical human virtue, and much more from his divine ^pov^ty rh, rov 8eo G, that he would not encounter death with less courage and power than many sinful men have actually exhibited. As- suredly no other than nn, the penalty of which is death I If that is the signifi- cance and meaning of the atoning death on Golgotha, it must apply also to the internal commencement of that death in Gethsemane ; this alone must be the sting of this 'absolute grief of his soul' through experience of sin, as Ebrard rightly speaks, if we understand him aright." There is very much of what Dr. [July, creeds to the Word of God, to the church, and to the individual Christian.

Professor Miller, than whom no one has a better right to be heard in this matter^ thus gives his warning against prevalent errors regarding Sab- bath rest : — '' Let not the student, or the man of business, or the hard-working labouring man, be tempted to make a sloth's holiday of the Lord's holy day. All that might have excited in him grief, the Kvwelir Oaiy but not the exceeding amazement and anguish of the i Keafi0€ia0at and d JSrifwveiy; that could not have driven him to the extreme, in which, as his prayer illustrating his word reveals to us, he, recoiling from the cup, asks that it may be removed. Swainson has put in a clear light, and has thus rendered very definite, the important subject of the relations of the 480 Notices qf Books.

Bible presented to Princess Frederick William, 250. If the moral and spiritual condition of those who disregard or who pervert the Sabbath is superior to the condition of those who '' remember the Sabbath to keep it holy,'' then would it be evident that the Sabbath was not adapted to the exigencies of man's moral nature ; but if the con- « So ob Tiously necessary and important is the institution of the Sabbath, that had it not been foand in Scripture there would have been a material want, a dewidera^ ium — a something which needed to be supplied to be in keeping with the rest of the book. When he came, and by himself and his apostles pointed to the Old Testament and said, * See, here it is prophesied that Christ should suffer,' it was an easy matter to look and see. It appears to us, that he has in his reply either not referred to the gravest of the objec- tions which had been urged, or has not done so sufficiently. G-reenwood has strensrthened his case to this effect. gmsiiwood argues, with the very important colony of Hebrewl in Babylonia, which became the most influential centre of Judaism, that St.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Though there are a few solitary instances of sober men, yet one does not know a boat's crew consisting of three or four who are so."/ Sir Matthew Hale said — "That of the persons who were convicted of capital crimes while he was on the bench he found only a few who would not confess that they began their career of wickedness by a neglect of the duties of the Sabbath and by vicious conduct on that day." The Rev. '^ Mainly to the effect of Sunday sailing/^ says he^ " do I attri- bute the circumstance that I have had occasion to part in one way or other in the last few months with not fewer than eighteen stokers and coal trimmers^ some of them first-rate hands^ being equal in point of number to the entire complement. The Albigensian churches, a large section of the Lutheran persuasion, and all the reformed churches of France and Switzerland, rejected the episcopal form, — some from necessity, others from deliberate choice ; and to this rejection we think we have a right to ascribe the feebleness of their resistance to the en- croachments of the episcopally-organized Church of Rome. Man was so formed as to need the Sabbath^s rest : it is as necessary to his well-being as sleep is, hence the Sabbath' must have existed from the be- upon the station. ' Clearly, my brethren, the reason is this : The church does not question us whether we wish to become Christians without telling us what a Christian is — ^without telling us what we must believe as well as what we must do. " Thus, in the Epistle to the Romans we have frequent instances both of the deductive and inductive logic. And in mercy, as well as in wisdom, it has been en- joined throughout all time, ' Six days shalt thou labour ; but in it thou shalt not do any work* The student, the clerk, the sedentarily employed of every class, may be tempted to stretch his cramped limbs on that day, and to breathe his stifled lungs, * over the bracken, and in the breeze ;" but the distant toll of the Sabbath-bell will bid his conscience speak ; the stolen pleasure will scarce prove sweet, even for the time ; and the sum- ming up of these misspent days will be in sadness and in sorrow."^ Unnecessary Sabbath labour of every kind is proved to be the transgression of a physical law. ' or why do we not ask, as the question is put in the ordination services, *• Do you be Ueve all the canonical hooks of the Old and New Testament ? Man is by nature a religious being, the natural promptings of his mind necessarily lead him to reverence and worship some superior being ; some superior being he must worship, and if he adores not the living and the true Grod, he must worship idol gods. There was a modification of an expression here, an amendment of a word there ; but let us notice that this was not a developing of the germ of the apostolic church, it was not an unfolding of the truths which that church held mip Hcitlv ; rather it was a going back more and more to the inner life of the subject before them, a stuping more and more carefully of the thoughts and langpiage of the apostles, until the key was found to fit, and the faith of the church in Die subject was settled.'' With reference to the second part of Mr. de.) — CEuvres completes, publi^es d'apres les manoscrits, et les Editions les plus correctes, t. morning." « '* Permanent Documents of the American and Foreign Sabbath Union,'' No. ^ Physiology in Harmony with the Bible respecting the Sabbath f p. But the moral nature of man yet more strongly demonstrates his need of the Sabbath. ' but, * What is that truth relating to the subject in hand in which all the statements of Scripture meet, in which all find their solution ? And thus, as year by year passed, and one attempt after another failed or succeeded, our creeds were gradually attained.