Accommodating ell in the classroom

“I wanted you to feel how we feel when these things are said to us,” Wescott lamented, advising that the statements were so bad they couldn’t be repeated out loud.

“Ultimately, you have to know that these things are said to your employees and your children—all day, every day.” Wescott noted that some teachers have been injured trying to break up physical fights, including one teacher who was taken away in an ambulance just two weeks prior.

“Another teacher was physically attacked by students trying to set off a deadly allergic reaction on purpose, causing her throat to close and her to struggle to breathe,” she mourned.

Wescott outlined that she had instructed her students not to answer the classroom door because some truant children walk the halls looking for fights.

I had a couple questions for those currently in the IT program, be it general or specialized: *I've noticed that a lot of the IT students posting already have work experience, or are already employed in IT jobs.“We are in danger every day [that] we show up to our school.Students and staff are physically, verbally, emotionally, mentally and sexually abused every single day in the building,” she lamented.“These supports were implemented due to our recognition that additional resources were required to address student academic and behavior needs at Washington Middle School.” “In early May, the Board of Education and administration became aware of the growing staff concerns similar to those shared by Ms. “Upon learning of these concerns, the Board of Education and District Administration took the concerns very seriously.” She said that she had been told by other teachers that recent administrative efforts helped to improve the learning environment.“Due to our observations and staff reporting improvement in student behavior based on the actions taken in the spring, the district will continue and expand our support of the efforts [put into place],” Langenfeld said.

Accommodating ell in the classroom